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Scarlet Fever

  • Caused by bacteria Group A Streptoccoci.
  • Occurs as fever, sore throat, exudative tonsillitis, pharyngitis, tender enlarged lymphnods at neck, ear infection.
  • Typical rash will occur which is usually a fine, reddish, blanching on pressure, appears on neck, chest, axilla, elbow groin and inner surfaces of thighs.
  • Transmitted by direct contact or by respiratory droplets.
  • Rheumatic fever and effect on kidney may occur as complication.


  • Education - about modes of transmission.
  • relationship with Rheumatic fever.
  • adherence to the treatment.
  • Pasteurize the milk.
  • Exclude infected people from handling milk and food.
  • Treatment with penicillin may reduce the complication.
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