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Mal Nutrition

  • Protein energy Malnutrition is an important healh and nutrition problem in India. It is the important cause of childhood diseases and death, permanent impairment of physical and mental growth. It found in 1-2% of pre-school age children.
  • Proteins are rich in milk, meat, eggs, cheese, fish. They also found in pulses, cereals nuts, etc.
  • It is mainly due inadequate intake of food both in quality and quantity. Infectiions like diarrhoea, respiratory infection, measles and intestinal worms will aggrevate the malnutriton.
  • It is divided as mild, moderate and severe grades. The severe grades may be classified into two categories marasmus and kwashiorkar.
  • The common features are muscle wasting, fat wasting, oedema, low weight for height, mental changes, poor appetite, frequent diarrhoea, skin changes, hair changes.
  • The first indicator of protein energy malnutrition is under-weight for age


  • Education and distribution of supplements to pregnant and breast feeding women.
  • Encouraging breast feeding
  • Improvement in the quality and quantity of family diet.
  • Family Planning.
  • Education about nutrition.
  • Immunization.
  • Environmental sanitation.
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