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  • Caused by a bacteria vibrio cholerae.
  • Affected person will have suddden onset of Profuse painless watery stools, nausea, vomitting
  • If not treated in early stages, rapid dehydration, collapse and renal failure will occur.
  • Transmitted by ingestion of food or water contaminated directly or indirectly.


  • Report to local health authority.
  • Hospitalization of severe patients.
  • Mild cases can be treated at house by use of oral rehydration solution.
  • Treatment consist of:
    1. Rehydration therapy.
    2. Administration of antibiotics.
    3. Treatment of complications.
  • Disinfection of feces, vomitting and of linens, articles used by the patient.
  • Vaccination is of little practical value in outbreaks.
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