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  • Anaemia occurs mainly due to iron deficiency. It is found especially among adolescents, young children, pregnant women and lactating women.
  • It occurs due to inadequate intake of iron and other infections like hook worm and malaria.
  • The foods rich in iron are meat, liver, fish, cereals, green leafy vegetables, nuts, jaggery.
  • The person suffering from anaemia will have, tiredness, lack of interest in doing work, breathlessness, pale coloured face, palms, pale tongue and eyes, reduced work capacity, etc.


  • Intake of iron containing foods.
  • Control of infection like malaria and hookworm
  • Iron and folic acid (IFA) supplementation.
    • During pregnancy and lactation, IFA Tablets supplied freely.
    • For adolescents girls the IFA tablets are supplied by teachers,
  • Volunteers and Self help group under adolescent anaemia Control Programme.
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